The Bible in Literature and Literature in the Bible Edited by Tibor Fabiny

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The Bible in Literature and Literature in the Bible

Edited by Tibor Fabiny

Budapest – Zürich, 1999


This volume contains the papers delivered at the Conference Teaching Bible and Literature at Universities’ in Piliscsaba in 1995. The book has four parts: I. Faith and Art; II. The Bible and Literature; III. The Parables of Jesus and Literary Parables; IV. Methodology. The book can be very useful for teachers of English.


Tibor Fabiny: Literature: A New Paradigm of Biblical of Biblical Interpretation?

Brian S. Rosner: The Literary Artifice of 1 Corinthians

István Szabó: Literary Artifice at the Cost of Authority

Éva Kocziszky: Hamann on the Relationship of the Faith and Thinking

David Daniell: The Geneva Bible and 16th Century Literature

Péter Pásztor: The Bible of Hell or the Gospel of Blake, According to Frye

Friedmann W. Golka: Jacob in the Bible and Thomas Mann’s Novel

Terry R. Wright: Intertextuality Between the Bible and later Literature: The Case of D. H. Laurence

Ildikó Pethő: A Hermeneutical Approach to Eliot’s Four Quartets

Benedek P. Tóta: “lost… found… lost…” Jesus’ Paradox as Eliot’s Principle in Four Quartets

William R. Telford: The Bible in Fiction and Film. Contemporary Interests and Current Developments

Katalin G. Kállay: Malamud’s Angel Levine in the Light of the Book of Job

Éva Petrőczy: R. S. Thomas – A Druid-Bard of the Twentieth Century

Márta Cserháti: The Good Samaritan: Example or Parable?

Tamás Fabiny: The Judaic Background of Jesus’ Parables

Tamás Juhász: The Meaning of Parable and Conrad’s “Halo”

Tibor Fabiny: Teaching the Discourses of the Bible in the English Curriculum

Isabel Baird: Bible-Based Syllabus for EFL

Erzsébet Ábrahám – Aaron Stevens: The Good Samaritan in the ETL Classroom